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    Amir Sorayaei

    Frontend Developer

    An experienced React developer with 4+ years of industrial experience in developing and maintaining web applications and dashboard panels. I’ve worked on various platforms and have successfully delivered products with 50k active users. My expertise lies in creating user-friendly, responsive and interactive web applications using React JS. I’m also well-versed in debugging, troubleshooting and optimizing the performance of the applications.

    Sep 2023 - Present

    Front-End developer at Roomvu

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Remote
    Sep 2020 - Aug 2023

    Front-End developer at A.P.P Software Solutions

    Mashhad, Iran · Hybrid

    Optimized existing codebase effectively to reduce page load times by 34%.

    Implemented Github CI/CD to automate the client's software deployment process, lowered deployment time by 60%, and minimized manual intervention.

    Collaborated with backend developers to optimize application performance by reducing API calls, resulting in faster load times and a 25% increase in user engagement.

    Conducted end-to-end testing for a significant product release using Unit testing and reduced average bug detection time.

    Implemented an interactive online support system so clients can immediately contact the support team without waiting to call them, resulting in a decent user experience for both parties.

    Apr 2019 - Sep 2020

    Front-End developer at Hoomaan

    Mashhad, Iran · Hybrid

    Developed and maintained multiple customer service projects, including online shopping applications, resulting in improved user experience and increased customer satisfaction.

    Resolved critical bugs successfully and established strategies to prevent future issues, reducing bug reports and improving applications' stability.

    Collaborated with designers, back-end developers, and project managers to ensure smooth project execution and alignment with client expectations as a React Js developer.

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